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Integrated Operations

Case Study: Comprehensive People, Process and Digital Roadmap

Client: Top 10 National Oil Company; Onshore Production


A top 10 national oil company was experiencing a steep production decline in historically strong performing assets. A new greenfield operation quickly fell under political pressure to exploit proven reserves and accelerate the initial production. The new asset manager had worked with us in the past and understood the impact that an Integrated Operations mindset could have on operational performance.


The particular rock formations posed new challenges for the drilling and production teams that were largely comprised of younger and inexperienced engineers. This was further exacerbated by a terrain that was remote, widespread, and difficult to traverse.


Beginning with a transformation workshop and followed by additional roundtable sessions, we brought together critical personnel across functions, and involved service companies when appropriate. The vision and goals became clear: the need to adopt an operating paradigm of working within multi-discipline decision spaces that would allow for: • Remote monitoring, visual surveillance • Leveraging the knowledge of experienced personnel across a larger operational footprint • Improving decisions with reduced cycle times Additional evolution of the design to fit the operational needs expanded the blueprint to include one central support center and four remote operations centers. This followed with a complete re-engineering of workflows across functions, accompanied by an adjustment in roles and responsibilities to match the new environment. To execute the comprehensive, roadmap we partnered with a leading provider of next generation software and digital solutions.


The most interesting result was the 20% improvement in production that resulted from the baseline people and process re-engineering efforts that occurred in advance of the digital applications. These results were noticed by neighboring assets, expanding the philosophy approach to a broader region.

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