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Integrated Operations

Case Study: Cross-Functional Workflows and Continuous Improvement Plan

Client: Top 10 National Oil Company; Onshore Production


The production unit within a major onshore asset in a top 10 national oil company was experiencing unresolved conflict between operational silos, preventing the execution of field development plans. Additionally, substantial delays in completing interventions and workovers was causing significant production losses.


This particular operation lacked a leader with enough clout to secure adequate allocation of equipment and human resources. Additionally, the engineers on his team lacked training, and had limited access to experienced personnel to provide guidance and enhance decisions.


We conducted a 3-day transformation workshop to drive adoption of an Integrated Operations philosophy. The session served to effectively break down the barriers between functional silos, and drove a common understanding of operational needs and commitment to achieve shared performance goals. A multidisciplinary engineering team was formed, and they quickly set-up a collaboration center using our proprietary framework as their operational foundation. We subsequently supported the new team with the reengineering of workflows across functions, and adjustment of roles & responsibilities to operate under the new philosophy. A new process for continuous improvement was also implemented, which yielded the design for a more robust collaboration center with embedded digital solutions for remote monitoring and surveillance.


An aggressive 3-year goal to increase production output by 400% was set in the very first workshop. That milestone was achieved six months ahead of schedule. Additional collaboration teams and centers were set-up in neighboring production units to drive new capabilities using the integrated operations philosophy.

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