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CTRM Systems

Case Study: System Selection and Business Process

Client: Gas Supply and LNG Marketing Organization


Company was entering new business venture focused on purchasing gas supply and producing LNG. As a newly formed organization, capabilities including IT solutions, business processes and organizational roles needed to be defined and built out. Those capabilities needed to support the LNG liquefaction terminal construction timeline while minimizing capital investment prior to operations.


As a new business there were no existing systems or processes to manage feed gas procurement and LNG marketing. Alignment was needed throughout the organization on how the business would operate from the procurement strategy through detailed individual responsibilities and specific processes/procedures which impact the solution requirements and design. In addition, market volatility and company change necessitated business strategy adjustments over the course of the project.


Veritas facilitated workshops to align executives and management on business strategy, associated requirements and key priorities. Veritas led a down selection of CTRM solutions and arranged demos with a structured script and evaluation criteria. A recommendation, long term roadmap and business case were developed for the CTRM solution. Veritas also helped provide guidance on cloud infrastructure via AWS. In parallel, Veritas helped developed comprehensive business processes and highlighted specific functionality within the CTRM solution needed to enable the business processes.


A baseline detailed recommendation was developed for board approval including coordination between the regional organization and the corporate headquarters overseas. Refinements were made to support strategic changes at the corporate level. End-to-end business processes were developed and approved. The Veritas deliverables were included as part of the organization’s overall objectives and milestones. 100% of those objectives were met.

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