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Veritas 30-Day Fitness Challenge

Veritas has launched a company-wide “30-Day Fitness Challenge”. The goal is to encourage our employees to be their healthy-best in the midst of this pandemic crisis and to redirect energy towards this positive goal. 

We are doing our part in the fight against the COVID-19 virus, beyond working from home and social distancing, to engage our teams in their personal health and fitness. Our employees will always be our top priority, and their well-being and that of their families are key, especially during these unprecedent times. Healthy employees are happy employees. This fitness challenge is also a great way to bond and connect with one another while we are working remotely.

“We are challenging our employees to use this time of work-from-home quarantine, to bolster personal health goals. Employees can reassign the time they had been spending on commuting and getting ready for work each day, towards a fitness regimen,” explains HR Manager for Veritas, Marti Burger.

Contest details:

The contest will run 3/27 - 4/25. Our employees get points for each of these 4 metrics:

  • EXERCISE – Daily customizable at-home exercise of 30 minutes or more. Exercise is known to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and improve circulation.
  • DIET – Calorie count thresholds that are-uniquely developed by each employee based on their own personal goals, whether it is to maintain or to lose weight. Employees get points for being at, or under, their target caloric count each day. No pandemic binge eating allowed.
  • SLEEP – Sleep requirement of 8 hours a night. This could be the hardest challenge of all!
  • WATER – Water consumption points are earned for drinking 11 cups of water a day for females and 15 cups of water a day for males. Proper hydration is a great way to optimize health and assist our immune systems.

Check back to our challenge page to follow our progress and see which Veritas employee wins the “30-Day Fitness Challenge”!

The results are in: 

Jeff Olle won the contest by a marrow margin. The competition was stiff, including good performances by Joel Powell, Mike Burger and Amber Storey. Here are the weekly results:

Jeff winner

  • Week 1(short week from Friday, March 27- Sunday, March 29)
    • Tie between Jeff Olle & Mike Burger -1st place 
    • Joel Powell -2nd place
  • Week 2 (Monday March 30 – Sunday, April 5)
    • Jeff Olle -1st place
    • Mike Burger -2nd Place
  • Week 3 (Monday April 6 – Sunday April 12)
    • Jeff Olle -1st place
    • Joel Powell -2nd Place
  • Week 4 (Mon Apr 13 – Sun April 19)
    • Joel Powell -1st place
    • Jeff Olle -2nd Place
  • Week 5 (Mon Apr 20 – Sun April 25)
    • Jeff Olle -1st place
    • Joel Powell -2nd Place

See our team in action! 

Our team has found some really creative ways to stay active, fit and healthy during the quarantine. Check it out! 

Jeff Olle has been jogging the stairs in his building - 3 sets running up 48 floors in addition to 100 jumping jacks, 100 push-ups, 100 squats, 100 planks and 100 back bridges!

Jeff 4Jeff 2

Jeff 3Jeff 1

Mike Burger has been taking advantage of indoor biking (with a view!) using his Peloton. Keep it up, Mike! 


Marti Burger makes staying fit look fun! Cardio dance classes on TV are a great way to get in exercise. 


Mark Graham enjoys indoor "mountain climbing". Talk about an uphill battle! 

Mark 1

Mark 2

Joel Powell, our former Marine, does barefoot 8 mile runs and military-style workouts in his driveway. We're not the least surprised! 

Joel 1

Joel 2-2

Natalie Marshall pushes 70 pounds (in kid weight) daily for a 30-60 minute walk in the bayou. She has also been trying to increase her daily water intake since water consumption is also part of our challenge! Drinking 11 glasses of water is not as easy as it looks.

Nat 2

Nat 3

Matt Schuetz has been participating by eating healthy - I see veggies, veggies and more veggies! Participants get points for staying under their daily calorie intake goal. 

Matt 1

Stay tuned for my photos and updates! 

At Veritas, we are committed to preforming at our best. Good lifestyle choices help our employees health, happiness and performance. Engaging employees in periodic health challenges allows us to encourage healthy habits, bond and connect with each other. For more information on our culture and employee engagement, connect with us to learn more. 

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Written by Marti Burger

Marti Burger, HR and Accounting Manager, is skilled in Recruiting, Event Management, HR Policies, Accounting and Office Management Leadership. Marti is an experienced professional in the CTRM Consulting industry who holds an MBA focused in Marketing.