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Veritas's Summer Reading List

What are Historical and Implied Price Volatilities Telling Us?

Transparency: The One Buzzword That Will Never Go Out of Style

From College to the Workforce: Tips on Transitioning

Navigating the COVID-19 Antibody Test: Houston, We Have a Problem

Is This a Good Time to Hedge Oil Prices?

Creating High Performing “Virtual” Teams: Thriving in a COVID-19 World

Veritas Gives Back to the Houston Community

The Non-Technical Lessons That Every Future Programmer Needs to Learn

Working From Home: Productivity Advice for You, Your Team, and Your Company

What Do Negative Oil Prices Mean?

Navigating the CARES Act Payroll Protection Program: Our Experience

How You Can Make Your Zoom Meetings More Secure

Working From Home: A Parent's Perspective

Scaling Smartly: Automation as an Alternative to Adding Labor

When Do We Stop Asking Questions?

Scaling Smartly: Define Good Processes Before You Automate

Integrated Operations (IO) for Low Crude Price Environment

Four Components of Credit Risk Analysis

Using Data Stores to Enhance Your CTRM Ecosystem

How to Apply a Hybrid Agile Methodology to CTRM Projects

Market Relationships: The Foundation for Risk Analysis

Collaboration Including Women and Diversity Yields Better Results

Data Lakes vs. Data Warehouses: What’s the Difference? 

Managing Four Generations in the Workplace

What Features to Consider When Selecting an RPA Software

Should I Obtain the GARP ERP Certification?

Maximize your ROI on Digital Investments

How to Get Your CTRM Project Unstuck

4 Types of Software Vulnerabilities To Watch Out For

How PCAOB Changes Will Influence Your Organization's Audits in the Next Five Years

Veritas: A Look Back at 2019

5 Things to Consider When Addressing Netbacks in a CTRM Implementation

Agile vs. Waterfall: Which Delivery Approach is Right for You?

Refinery Risk Management and VaR Modeling

How to Tailor Training for CTRM System Users

Giving Thanks and Giving Back

How to Minimize and Manage High Cloud Costs

How to Evaluate if There is an Office 365 App That’s Right For You

How to Manage Risks in Your Digital Journey

CTRM Project Management Done Right eBook

Veritas Launches Podcast: Veritas Viewpoint

The Key Ingredients in a High Performing Team

Train Your Brain to Maximize Your Brain Capacity

Successful Implementation of a VaR Solution

The Power of Three in Business

Solving Complex Problems is as Easy as Solving a Rubik's Cube

Make Your Data More Secure by Moving it to the Cloud

Management and Optimization of Real Options in the Energy Supply Chain

Highlights from S&P Global Platts 9th Annual NGLs Conference

Underutilized Office 365 Apps That You May Be Missing Out On

Veritas Total Solutions Awarded Top 10 ETRM Solution Providers and Launches New Website

Value at Risk (VaR): Overview and Benefit Case

What We Learned at SPE EnergyDot: The Leadership Summit

7 Things to Consider When Planning for Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

Foreign Currencies: Fundamental Fx Accounting Concepts and Implications

Demystifying Digital Transformation including RPA, AI, ML, Blockchain and IIoT

Why Our Transformation Methodology Is So Powerful

Tips to Keep Your Enterprise Safe from Cybercriminals

How To Make the Most Out of Your Internship

4-Step Process to Create an Energy Inventory Management Program

Differences Between Disaster Recovery in the Cloud vs. Traditional Datacenters

LNG Buyers Can Seize Opportunities in a Supplier-Rich LNG Market

Clients' 5 Most Common CTRM System Needs

Optimizing Post Go-Live: 5 Tips to Ensure Delivery of Business Value from a CTRM Project

Stabilization: 4 Tips to Increase User Adoption for CTRM Projects

Global LNG Evolution Creates Opportunities for Suppliers

Veritas Total Solutions Announces New Director, Shirin Vakil

Embedded Change Management: How to Be a Change Manager without Telling Anyone

Veritas Total Solutions Announces New Business Development Director, Jeff Olle

Unknown Unknowns: How To Manage Risk Against the Unexpected

Expectation Management: The Difference Between Project Success and Failure

Two Years in a Row: Veritas Named Top 10 ETRM Solution Providers

Measure Twice, Cut Once: Planning for a Successful Project

CTRM Project Management Done Right

Veritas Total Solutions Announces New Director, Amber Storey

Why It’s Time to Move Your Business Systems to the Cloud

The Right Approach to Revenue Recognition

How You Can Benefit from the Recent ASU for Cloud-Based Hosting

ASC 815 Update Impacts End-of-Year Financials

Options Can Decrease Risk

Veritas Named Top 10 ETRM Solution Providers

Veritas Total Solutions Announces New Director, Steve Kleege

Trust: The Necessary Ingredient in Building a Productive Team

Does Building a CTRM Make Sense for Your Organization?

The Many Career Paths of Risk Management

5 Key Steps to Successful Transformation

The Rise of the Culture Code

5 Things to Consider for CTRM Implementation

Too Little or Too Much: What Is The Right Amount of Risk Management for Your Company?

Veritas Total Solutions Announces New Partners

Veritas Total Solutions Announces Expansion With New Office and a New Website

Four Common Mistakes When Selecting a CTRM System

Setting up a Project for Success