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Two Years in a Row: Veritas Named Top 10 ETRM Solution Providers

Veritas is proud to share the CIO Insights special ETRM edition that was released this month. Veritas was one of 10 ETRM solution providers chosen to represent the CIO Insight’s Top 10 ETRM Solution Providers list in 2018 and again, in 2019. 

August Al-Uqdah, Partner and Co-Founder of Veritas, shares his thoughts on bridging business processes and technology in a disruptive energy environment. Al-Uqdah talks about how system upgrades and cloud migration are having a transformational impact across energy organizations and how Veritas can help. Veritas guides clients through the assessment of options and helps their clients select and implement the optimal solution for their business. Veritas is uniquely qualified to do this because they tackle all challenges from both a technological and organizational perspective, a skill that is only successful given the comprehensive make-up of the team.

Read the full interview by downloading our featured article. Download Full Article

You can also check out the full digital magazine version (see page 51) or go to the online version on the CIO website


At Veritas Total Solutions, our team is experienced in CTRM systems and provides risk advisory. If you are interested in learning more about our specific capabilities, contact us to learn more or subscribe to our blog to stay connected!

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