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Veritas Book Club Reading List

This year, we implemented our first ever Veritas Book Club. This initiative was one of the many ways that our employees used to stay connected and inspire growth during COVID-19.

Each month, an employee picks a book and hosts a book club. Fellow employees are asked to read the book in advance but are not required. We have set the "discussions" up in a way that anyone can participate, whether they read the book or not. 

We have covered 6 books so far this year! We have a wide representation of topics including  energy transformation, team dynamics and personal growth. Check out this year's picks! 


The New Map

Author: Daniel Yergin

Host: Guillermo Lash, Associate

The New Map-2

About the book

The book is broken down into chapters by countries including America, Russia, China and the Middle East. Yergin speaks to the energy history of each and where they might be headed. The ending chapters focus on global themes and movements that influence the industry's future. 

Themes discussed

  • MaaS (Mobility as a Service)
  • How societal, financial, or political factors drive change
  • What common factors drive innovation (using the Shale revolution as an example)
  • The impact that different generational groups will have on energy transition
  • How the world will respond to increase in population and energy demand
  • The need for a roadmap for “transitional” change


How to Avoid a Climate Disaster

Author: Bill Gates

Host: Natalie Marshall, Marketing Manager

Climate ChangeAbout the book

Bill Gates talks about the innovations needed to help accelerate us to a net zero-carbon future.


  • Barriers to climate change
  • Solutions that can make a short-term impact
  • Solutions that can make a long-term impact
  • Social, economic and political drivers
  • Government and individual involvement and impact


The Checklist Manifesto

Author: Atul Gawande

Host: Dave Smith, Manager

Checklist ManifestoAbout the Book

The book tells the story of a journey to increase surgical patient safety worldwide. It includes amazing stories and lessons from medicine, construction and aviation and how despite being unsexy, checklists save lives.


  • What examples we felt resonated the most
  • How have checklists worked for us in the past
  • How checklist purposes and items can vary by role
  • What current projects we have where checklists could help


No Rules Rules

Author: Reed Hastings and Erin Meyer

Host: August Al-Uqdah, Partner

No Rules Rules


About the Book

The book tells the story of Netflix from its founding in 1997 through 2018. Not only was Netflix a top performing stock in the 2010s, but they had created a culture of freedom and responsibility to enable them to be successful.


  • Built and strengthened talent density 
  • Focused on candor 
  • Minimized and/or removes controls


Author: Ray Dailio

Host: Matt Schuetz, Partner



About the Book

We learned about Ray Dailio, founder of Bridgewater Associates (a firm with $154 billion assets under management) and author of Principles. In Principles, Ray talks about life and work principles to be successful.

themes discussed

  • Personality tests
  • Setting goals
  • Reflecting
  • Fear of making mistakes
  • How journeys consist of trials
  • Other meeting tips

Trillion Dollar Coach

Author: eric schimdt, jonathan rosenberg

Host: delfina govia, partner



About the book

The book is about Bill Campbell, a legendary coach and business executive whose mentoring of some of our most successful modern entrepreneurs has helped create well over a trillion dollars in market value. Bill played an instrumental role in the growth of several prominent companies, such as Google, Apple, and Intuit, fostering deep relationships with Silicon Valley visionaries, including Steve Jobs, Larry Page, and Eric Schmidt. The book explains Bill’s principles that help create higher and faster moving cultures, teams and companies, and illustrates them with stories from the many great people and companies with which he worked.

Delfina led the discussion and overviewed 32 lessons/plays that Bill defined. We keyed in our 4 of them including:

Themes discussed

  • Your Title Make You a Manager, Your People Make You a Leader
  • Build an Envelope of Trust
  • Team First
  • The Power of Love

...Stay tuned for more Book Club additions!

At Veritas Total Solutions, we believe in sharing our perspectives with peers, clients and colleagues across all of our solutions. Sometimes, that means sharing things, like books, that influence our own perspectives. We would love to hear what books influence you. If you want to chat with us or if you are interested in learning more about our specific capabilities, contact us or subscribe to our podcast and blog to stay connected.

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