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Veritas Launches Podcast: Veritas Viewpoint

We are excited to announce the launch of our very own podcast: Veritas Viewpoint.

Why are we launching a podcast?

We have been sharing our viewpoint and industry perspectives through our blogs and at events. Veritas Viewpoint is another way to reach our peers and clients to share knowledge and initiate conversations. 

What topics will be featured on Veritas Viewpoint?

Most of the topics will be centered around driving transformational change. This is inclusive of topics such as building culture in the workspace and how to use technology to take organizations to the next level. All of the topics relate to one of the Veritas core offerings, including:

    • CTRM Systems
    • Trading & Risk Advisory
    • Upstream Advisory
    • Integrated Operations
    • Strategy & Transformation
    • Technology Solutions

The offering categories are included in the episode name so listeners can easily identify and listen to topics relevant to their needs.

What industries will Veritas Viewpoint be geared towards?

Most topics will have energy as a backdrop, but the challenges and solutions are transferrable to various industries including financial services, government and education. Our topics are applicable to most industry listeners because Veritas solutions and perspectives are grounded by the Veritas approach to bridge strategy, people, process and technology to drive lasting change.

Who will be featured on Veritas Viewpoint?

Listeners will hear from multiple experts within Veritas as well as leaders within the energy industry. 

Where can I listen to Veritas Viewpoint?

Veritas Viewpoint is available on all of the major podcast listening platforms. All you have to do is go to one of these platforms and search for “Veritas Viewpoint”. Links to a few of the popular platforms are included below. We also have each episode available on our website.

Stay tuned as we will be publishing new content every couple of weeks. We encourage everyone to subscribe to our podcast to get updates when new episodes are available and leave us a review to let us know what future topics you would like to hear more of. For more information on our podcast, check out our Press Release.

Happy listening!


At Veritas Total Solutions, we believe in sharing our perspectives with peers, clients and colleagues across all of our solutions. If you want to chat with us about a specific event or if you are interested in learning more about our specific capabilities, contact us or subscribe to our podcast and blog to stay connected.

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