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Veritas Named Finalist in Houston Business Journal Best Places to Work Awards

We were recently announced as a finalist in the 2020 Houston Business Journal Best Places to Work Awards and couldn’t be more excited! The final rankings were announced in a live broadcast on October 22nd. We are proud to say we are #23 out of 55 companies in the small business category! We are humbled by the recognition.

To be considered, our employees were asked to fill out a survey regarding their experience with Veritas. Since the survey is administered by a third-party, we don’t get to see the responses. However, based on the finalist designation, we can surmise that our people had some positive things to say about their employment with Veritas.

So why were our satisfaction scores so high? It all boils down to culture. A lot of companies throw around the word “culture” carelessly. At Veritas, culture means something very specific to us and we are intentional about fostering the right environment. We broke down 5 areas that define Veritas's culture and make Veritas a great place to work for.

Values and Team

Being intentional about our values and team are core to our thriving culture. In 2017, we launched the Veritas Culture Code which highlights 7 core values we live and work by. We run contests to enforce and embed those values into our teams. Outside of the Culture Code, we make sure there is a strong sense of team. We have regular all-hands meetings, trainings, team challenges and celebratory happy hours but more importantly, our teams are built on trust, honesty and openness. We have highly recruited and talented individuals, and each individual brings a special something to the team. Being reliant on each other while holding ourselves to high standards and shared values, creates a highly engaged and effective team.

Flexibility and Personal Accountability

As energy consultants, most of us work onsite with our clients and follow their schedule. We put a lot of trust in our people to meet their client demands while balancing other Veritas activities and their personal lives. During COVID-19, we have kept our offices open since May for those that prefer to use it and have encouraged people to do what’s best for them and their families. Most of our employees have worked from home the past 7 months and we still achieved our project and internal goals. This high trust environment enabled us to successfully achieve go-lives for two very large and complex CTRM implementations while in a remote environment.

Benefits and Rewards

While a lot of people will view compensation and culture separately, for us it is a part of our culture. We understand that compensation plays a role in our employee’s satisfaction and motivates employees to do more. We make sure our employees are paid competitively for their work and are rewarded when they go above and beyond. We continue to find new ways to offer great benefits. Last year, we implemented a new training policy where each employee gets an annual allowance to put towards training of their choice and gave an extra day off to put towards a charity day of your choice. Here are some of our outstanding benefits:

  • Competitive salary and bonus structure
  • 401K Plan – immediately vested with 5% match
  • PPO and HMO Health Insurance plan options
  • Long Term Disability insurance provided
  • Competitive PTO and Holidays
  • Annual employee training allowance provided

Giving Back

Giving back is part of our culture. As Tony Robbins defines it in this Six Human Needs, the last need to achieve is “contribution” or the need to give beyond yourself. Most of us contribute personal time to our communities in some way or form. As an organization, we have supported the YMCA’s Operation Backpack and YMCA’s Angel Giving Tree for multiple consecutive years. This year, to help those impact by COVID-19, our employees donated their own money, which was then matched by Veritas, to raise funds for local organizations like the Houston Food Bank and a meal delivered to 60+ healthcare workers at the VA Hospital.

Personal Growth

At Veritas, there is room for growth. We foster a culture where it’s okay to ask questions and challenge your peers. We want our employees to push the envelope and think outside the box. We are typically dealing with complex jobs that need complex solutions. Creating an open and collaborative environment, allows us to provide creative solutions to our clients, grow as a team and grow as individuals. This is a big opportunity for all levels because our employees have a chance to work with leading industry experts and contribute to new ideas.

We are excited to have our culture recognized for this award. So much so, that we have a "happy dance" to share with you! At Veritas, we are family...or as we like to call it, "Teamily". 


Veritas Total Solutions is a full-service, energy consulting firm specializing in CTRM systems and trading and risk management. Using our industry expertise, fit-for-purpose approaches, and applicable technology, we develop creative solutions that deliver practical and enduring results. For more information, call 1.855.411.8783 or email at info@veritasts.com.

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