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Veritas Total Solutions Announces New Director, Shirin Vakil

Veritas Total Solutions recently announced the addition of Shirin Vakil as a Director, strengthening the firm’s commitment to growing their Commodity Trading Risk Management (CTRM) client portfolio. Veritas is one of the leading CTRM solution providers and Shirin brings a wealth of knowledge in this area, as well as specialized expertise in digital transformative technology such as blockchain, RPA and AI.

Shirin is a leader in business and technology transformation with a focus in the Commodity Trading & Risk Management space. His 15 years of extensive experience includes leading complex implementations of ION-portfolio CTRM systems, assisting an integrated super major for the regulatory compliance readiness and partnering with clients to drive business development and transformative change. Shirin also has specialized expertise in blockchain, having integrated the technology within strategic initiatives for energy companies, and has previously authored several papers on the application and use-case of the technology.

Prior to Veritas, Shirin spent 14 years at Deloitte. His journey began as an intern and he quickly ascended to Senior Manager, leading and managing teams of up to 50 people. Shirin worked on a myriad of projects for Deloitte that involved the design, implementation and integration of IT solutions.

Steve Kleege, Director at Veritas Total Solutions shared, “I have known Shirin for many years. He is a widely-respected, innovative, and skilled advisor who always serves the best interests of his clients. We are very happy to have him join our team.”

Shirin holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from Bangalore University and a Masters of Engineering Science from Louisiana State University.

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