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What Makes Veritas's Culture Unique

At Veritas, maintaining a healthy and vibrant culture is a top priority for us. We believe that fostering a culture that promotes and celebrates shared beliefs enables us to perform better as individuals and as a team. Our culture has a direct impact on our clients' satisfaction and success. You can say, it’s part of our “secret sauce”.

Culture can come in tangible forms like our Culture Code, involvement with charitable causes, employee celebratory events, and growth and training opportunities for our employees. Sometimes culture is harder to quantify. Sometimes culture is:

    • A shared “truth”
    • Commitment
    • Approachability
    • Collaboration
    • Treating each other like family
    • Quality of the people
    • Positive energy
    • Creating value as a team
    • Trust and freedom
    • Caring for each other
    • Making health and growth a priority

These are things embedded into our culture that our employees think make Veritas great and unique. Our employee spotlight video series, What Makes Veritas’s Culture Unique, showcases Veritas employees, from Analysts to Co-Founders, to give you a glimpse into our culture, how it impacts our employees and how we can have an impact on you.

Watch what our employees have to say: 









How we do things in just as important as what we do. Check out of Culture Code to better understand our core values that guide and make Veritas the great firm it is. If you are interested in learning more about our culture or services, contact us to learn more or subscribe to our blog to stay connected!

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