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Oil and Gas Industry Leaders featuring Delfina Govia

Delfina Govia, Partner of Veritas Total Solutions, was featured on Oil and Gas Global Network’s Oil and Gas Industry Leaders Podcast. Delfina leads the Integrated Operation and Upstream Advisory practices at Veritas Total Solutions. She has deep experience in these areas, working with super majors over the past 35 years to improve operational efficiencies.

In this episode, Paige sits with Delfina Govia to discuss her journey in the Oil and Gas Industry from the very beginning as a roustabout with her father’s company to her current role as Partner at Veritas Total Solutions. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, Delfina’s story starts in Venezuela, as a young girl within her family-owned energy services company.  As she dives deep into the challenges of in the oilfield life during that place in time and pieces together how pertinent people are for the industry as a whole, even with today’s technology.

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