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CTRM Systems

CTRM Project Management Done Right eBook

The CTRM Project Management Done Right eBook is now available. This eBook was created as a summary of our 7-part blog series, CTRM Project Management Done Right. In the eBook, we detail the CTRM journey, the different stages of the “value curve” and how project management plays a key role in the success of a CTRM project.

We created this eBook to help CTRM project teams understand the importance of good project management and how project management can make or break a CTRM project. With years of experience delivering CTRM projects, we have observed that one of the biggest reasons projects fail is due to poor project management or leadership. Unfortunately, many organizations don’t appreciate the impact of strong leadership until their project is “stuck” somewhere along the “value curve”.  

In the eBook, you will learn:

  1. Why project management is a critical part of your project’s success
  2. What are the 4 stages of the Value Curve 
  3. How good project management can help you overcome challenges at each stage
  4. How good project management can get you to business value

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We hope you enjoy, learn and apply our strategies to your projects and organization! 


At Veritas Total Solutions, we have deep experience in CTRM Systems and believe our strong project management skills make us uniquely positioned to help you reach business value. If you are interested in learning more about our specific capabilities, contact us to learn more or subscribe to our blog to stay connected. 

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Written by August Al-Uqdah

August Al-Uqdah, Partner and Co-Founder of Veritas, has a proven track record leading global teams through the implementation of complex and large-scale solutions in the energy industry. He has extensive experience within upstream, downstream and energy trading organizations.