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CTRM Systems

CTRM Systems: Preparing for Go-Live Unanswered Questions

The Unanswered Questions post-show podcast series is part of our CTRM 5-part webinar series. In both the podcast and webinar series, we will take people through each stage of the CTRM implementation journey sharing tips to ensure a successful CTRM implementation. In the Unanswered Question podcast series, our experts will address questions that were submitted by viewers in the previous webinar. 

In this episode, Candace Keegan and Matt Schuetz will be addressing questions from the Preparing for Go-Live webinar. They will cover questions about implementation best practices, testing best practices, critical program management items and more! Listen to hear the full episode! 

Also, don't forget to check out our on-demand Preparing for Go-Live webinar that is now available! 

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Written by Matt Schuetz

Matthew Schuetz, Partner with Veritas, has helped over 30 Fortune 500 companies tackle strategic initiatives, transform their operating models, and drive the changes necessary to reach their goals. Matt has professional experience across a broad range of functional areas including Energy Trading and Risk Management, finance, and IT.