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5-Part CTRM Webinar Series: Preparing for Go-Live

In our second webinar of the 5-part CTRM webinar series, our two experts, Candace Keegan and Matt Schuetz, cover topics and tips related to preparing for Go-Live. At this point, we are in the implementation stages (also known as design & execute). Proper implementation and testing execution will ensure a seamless and successful Go-Live. 

Fresh and fun format

We took a challenge-style approach to this webinar series. We had 3 rounds, covering 3 topics specific to preparing for a CTRM implementation. Candace and Matt each had 2 minutes to respond to each topic and we voted on a winner based on data points and delivery at the end of each round. We will reveal the topics of each round -- but you will have to watch the webinar to find out who won! 

Topics covered 

Here are the topics that we covered: 

  • Round #1: What early implementation best practices lead to a successful go-live?
  • Round #2: What testing best practices lead to a successful go-live?
  • Round #3: What are the most critical project items to ensure a successful go-live?

Watch now

To watch now, click on the link or button below. Enjoy!

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Want more?

All of the on-demand webinars are available for the series. We cover the CTRM implementation journey from system selection to implementation to post Go-Live support. 

We host a wide variety of webinars and workshops for our clients and peers. If you have a specific question about this webinar or you are interested in our custom webinars and workshops, contact us for more information. 

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Written by Matt Schuetz

Matthew Schuetz, Partner with Veritas, has helped over 30 Fortune 500 companies tackle strategic initiatives, transform their operating models, and drive the changes necessary to reach their goals. Matt has professional experience across a broad range of functional areas including Energy Trading and Risk Management, finance, and IT.