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Veritas Gives Back to the Houston Community

In this unusual time that we are experiencing, Veritas is doing everything it can to support our employees, clients, and other businesses. From working from home, to donating to charitable causes, to participating in federal business assistance programs, we are doing our part to support our employees, clients and community. Here’s what we are actively doing:

Raised funds, matched by Veritas

Our employees donated money for all our give back efforts that needed monetary support. In just 5 days, our team donated $2,000 which was matched by Veritas. That means, we raised $4,000 to give back to the community during this time! We are proud of our team’s giving nature, especially in times like these.  



Provided meals to local VA hospital

We decided to use our funds to show our support for local businesses and local front-line healthcare workers. Our employees participated by coordinating, ordering and delivering 60 meals and Starbucks to the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center on Wednesday, May 6th. We were able to support local restaurants through the same effort by purchasing meals from Harold’s. Thank you to our front-line healthcare workers for all that you do! 

Give back


Supported the Houston Food Bank

School closures, job disruptions, and health concerns are putting more people at risk for food insecurity. To meet the need, Houston Food Bank has been increasing distribution from an average of 480,000 lbs per day to an average of 800,000 lbs daily. Every $1 provides 3 meals for someone in need. We donated over $3,000 of our raised funds to the Houston Food Bank.Houston Food Bank


Recognized individual charitable efforts

It’s important to also recognize other efforts our employees were a part of. Janette Lindner has been advocating for Comp-U-Dopt, an organization that works to provide technology and education access to underserved youth by providing them with hardware, refurbished computers and cash donations. Other employees helped sew and source face masks, including Yuning Guan and Kenny Pierce’s wife, Helen, who found an online source for high-quality masks and has managed to supply over a hundred directly to M.D. Anderson nurses and our local police department.  

Shared our experiences with others 

We are all going through similar challenges. While everyone’s situation is unique to them, this is a transformational time for all. Transformational change is core to our services so we are documenting and sharing our experiences with peers in case it helps them through some of these unforeseen challenges. The list below is some of the material we have already shared and we will continue to add to this list.

Continued to provide high-quality service to our clients

At this point, most of our active projects are continuing as planned. Our accounts continue to deliver at an incredible pace despite the entire team working remotely. This sustained level of high-quality delivery is proof that our team is agile and able to adapt to new challenges quickly and that above all, we value our clients.

Fostered a strong culture for our employees 

We have been encouraging employees to #stayhomeworksafe for many weeks now to do our part in flattening the curve. Social interaction is a challenge in virtual environments, so we have leveraged collaboration tools like Teams, virtual team meetings, trainings and happy hours to keep us all connected. We also hosted a 30-Day Fitness Challenge. Check out our Fitness Challenges Page for final results and to see how our team found creative ways to stay fit while being quarantined. 

virtual happy hour

We are proud of our team and our community for coming together to fight this pandemic. We truly believe we will come out of this stronger and more united. We hope everyone is staying safe. If you wish to know about or get involved in any of the efforts or organizations listed above, please reach out to us.  

We are constantly looking for opportunities to make a difference and sharing our time, talents and treasures – during crisis situations and throughout the year.  Let us know if you have an organization or charity that we can consider serving in the next year. Send us a note at info@veritasts.com and we will thoughtfully consider all the suggestions sent in.

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Written by Natalie Marshall

Natalie Marshall, Marketing Manager at Veritas Total Solutions, brings over a decade of advertising and marketing experience. She has a versed background serving in various strategy and account management roles at media, digital, print and experiential advertising agencies. Natalie is responsible for leading all Veritas marketing efforts including networking, content creation, alliance and partner relations and brand management and promotion.